Saskatoon Whitening Treatments

We offer a number of different teeth whitening treatment options.


30 minutes


Maintenance is a 30 minutes service for maintaining the sparkle in your teeth. It is recommended for return clients every 2 months.


Full Treatment

60 minutes


The Full Treatment is a 60 minute service that will get you a brighter smile. This is our most popular treatment, meant for first timers and return clients who whiten 2-3 times per year.

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Deluxe Treatment

Barrier & 60+ minutes


The Deluxe Treatment includes a gum barrier for clients who have gingivitis, gum disease or any other oral health issues. Typically these clients are referred directly from their dentist.

Plus One



Bring a friend and get 50% off the second treatment. $186.75 per person. Appointments must be booked at the same time. Valid only for full 60 minute treatments


Yearly Package

3 Treatments


3 Full 60 minute Full Treatments

To be used in one calendar year by one person



$1200 or


maitenance teeth whitening ultrawhite clinic

12 Full 60 Minute Treatments

(maximum one treatment per month)

Inquire for more details


Soiree Treatments

3+ People booked



Choose your Soiree!

Mini Soiree: 3-4 people booked at the same time, each receive a Full 60 minute treatment.

White Lightening Soiree:  6+ people book the boutique for their own private whitening party, each receive a 60 minute treatment and complimentary Daily White foam (maintenance product).

Spot Treatment

2 x 20 minutes



Extra attention for a small area (1 or 2 teeth)

Gum Barrier



Specifically for anyone with sensitivity issues. This includes custom gum barrier and take home Minerals Enamel Booster ($30 value)

maitenance teeth whitening ultrawhite clinic