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UltraWhite Clinic has been professionally whitening teeth since 2011, bringing this experience to you in a chic yet comfortable setting. Recognized as a trendsetter in the industry, Shalene and her team stand unrivaled in expertise, professionalism and innovation. 


We have clinics located in Saskatoon, Calgary, and Edmonton.

when did teeth whitening become such 'a thing'?

The concept of at-home teeth whitening gained momentum in the 80’s and dentists started offering custom-made, home-use trays filled with a bleaching agent. 

During the 90’s, whitening products such as strips, gels, and toothpaste became available. 

The early 2000’s saw a significant advancements with the introduction of laser teeth whitening and other light-activated whitening methods in dental offices.

The effectiveness of these methods, coupled with an increasing societal focus on appearance and cosmetic enhancements, led to a surge in the popularity of teeth whitening.

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Book your teeth whitening treatment today!
Book your teeth whitening treatment today!


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