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Our Process

At UltraWhite Clinic, we have a proven process to get our clients their best results.

1. Consultation

Ultrawhite teeth whitening clinic saskatoon calgary

During the Consultation, our Whitening Technician will discuss with you the different options that are available. Depending on your current discolouration, they will recommend the best treatment option for you in order to get the best results.​ Before your initial treatment, you will fill out a short form outlining your oral health, any dental irregularities/restoratives and daily habits. This information will be used to help determine which treatment will be most beneficial.

2. Treatment

ultrawhite teeth whitening clinic treatment

During the Treatment, our Whitening Technician will ensure that you get the best results. Our teeth whitening treatment is a relatively pain-free, simple and fast, relaxing method to brighten your smile. We do not use a messy tray application, so you don't have to worry about gel coating your gums. Rather, a cheek retractor is placed in the corners of your mouth to protect your lips and help keep your mouth open for you during the whitening. This way, you are able to relax while the treatment takes place. The dental strength whitening gel is applied to the "front" surface of your teeth and an LED light is positioned in front of your mouth to accelerate the progress. You are comfortably reclined the entire time, in a private room with dimmed lights and relaxing music playing in the background.    

3. Results

white teeth ulrawhite teeth clinic

The best part! Once the Treatment is complete, we will measure your results with our Teeth Whitening Comparison Tool. Everyone is different, so results will vary from person to person. Get ready to have a whiter and brighter smile! Teeth whitening works differently from person to person depending on a number of factors: the natural baseline colour of your teeth, your daily eating/drinking habits, and the density or porosity of your enamel. Sometimes discolouration of the teeth can be caused by the use of medications, minerals in drinking water, aging, trauma to a tooth causing nerve damage, etc. Clients whose teeth have been discoloured due to food, drink or tobacco experience the greatest success.  

4. After Care

Whiten your teeth professionally at Ultra White Teeth Clinic in Saskatoon, SK

After care is extremely important when having your teeth professionally whitened. With the correct after care, a whitened smile can stay bright for an increased period of time. To keep your smile as bright as possible, try these tips.

  • Using a maintenance product at home will help to remove surface stains and lengthen the time between clinical treatments. Your Whitening Technician can help you choose the best maintenance product for you.

  • Your enamel will be more porous than usual for 1-2 days following your treatment. Avoid any dark and staining food drinks (berries, red wine, coffee, etc).

  • Avoid acidic foods and drinks that contribute to sensitivity.

  • See our full After Care tips here 

Maitain you new white smile with Ultra White Teeth Whitening in Saskatoon, SK

In order to keep your smile at its brightest, discuss with your Whitening Technician how often you may need a treatment. It is impossible to avoid food and beverages that stain your teeth, so go on and enjoy them, and we will keep your smile bright! See maintenance packages here!


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