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With the correct after care, a whitened smile can stay bright for an increased period of time.
To keep your smile as bright as possible, try these tips:

First Hour

Avoid everything except clear liquids. Water is best!

24 Hours after

Brush gently with light pressure.

Do NOT use an electric toothbrush or floss for 24-48 hours after your treatment.

Avoid dark staining foods and drinks as your enamel will be more porous than usual following your treatment.

Eat and drink only light, white and clear!

Remember the white t-shirt test - if it would leave a stain, AVOID IT!

Avoid all acidic foods and drinks such as tomatoes, citrus fruits, wine and carbonated beverages as these may contribute to sensitivity.

Use a remineralizing gel such as Minerals Enamel Booster. It helps to replenish minerals lost over time and rehydrates the teeth. The gel consists of fluoride, potassium nitrate and calcium phosphate. This strengthens the enamel and aids in preventing and alleviating tooth sensitivity. 

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