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Announcement: Edmonton Clinic

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

Edmonton, I bet we can make you SMILE!

Ultrawhite Clinic's owner, Shalene, is excited to announce that a third location is on its way. The Edmonton location has officially been secured and will open its doors this summer. After expanding into Calgary in 2019 from its original roots in Saskatoon, this 3rd location will be in WSP Place, located on the corner of Jasper Ave and 109th Street.

Renovations are currently underway! Our new 3,200 square-foot clinic will be located on Jasper Avenue, alongside trendy restaurants and unique local businesses, which also will include ample parking. Like their existing locations, the Edmonton office will also be purpose built and designed for your comfort, combining both chic elegance and an inviting ambiance.

As a local teeth whitening clinic, we’ve excelled in our industry and we're proud to share our growing business with you. With this new clinic, our goal is to continue enhancing our clients' confidence by giving them the bright smiles they've always wanted while also providing world-class customer service.

We will be releasing more information via email and Instagram in the upcoming months. So, keep your eyes open for our newsletter and follow us on Instagram.

P.S. Turn on your post notifications on Instagram, so you don't miss out on any of our future posts.

Stay Tuned!


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