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What to Expect Before and After your Whitening Treatment

Things to consider before your treatment, during your whitening, and aftercare.

Before your Treatment

So, you have decided to get your teeth whitened but need to know how to prepare. Lucky for you, we have the answers!

  1. Before your treatment, it is ideal that 24 hours prior that you avoid anything citrus or acidic as they could potentially enhance sensitivity.

  2. Brush very gently the night before and the morning of. Please avoid flossing and waterpiks due to potential sensitivity along the gum-line areas.

  3. Drink lots of water the day before and the morning of, as this will help to rehydrate your teeth and gums quicker!

  4. Please take Advil or Tylenol should you need to.

After your Treatment/Aftercare Practices

As your technician will tell you, your pores are open and vulnerable to staining for up to 24-48 hours post-whitening, which can cause discoloration to the teeth if dark-pigmented food and beverages are consumed. To achieve and maintain the results following your treatment, follow these next steps and recommendations.

  1. Following your treatment, drink lots of water to ensure hydration returns to your teeth. Going forward, it is a good way to help alleviate surface stain buildup after food or beverage.

  2. Do you use an electric toothbrush? NOT today - and for 24 to 48 hours after! Turn that toothbrush onto a manual setting, and brush extremely gently. Remember, NO FLOSSING for up to 48 hours!

  3. As previously mentioned, the next 24-48 hours post-whitening are crucial, and your teeth are the most vulnerable to stains and discoloration. A good rule of thumb is to follow the WHITE T-SHIRT TEST; if it stains a white t-shirt, it will stain your whiter enamel.

  4. Avoid anything citrus or acidic as they have the potential to increase sensitivity!

You are probably wondering what you can eat and drink! Here are some examples:

milk, water, clear drinks, bananas, fish, well-done beef/pork, white bread, potatoes, white pasta, chicken, vegetables (no red peppers), and rice.

5. Avoid food and beverages that may be too hot/cold. Due to your open pores, your teeth could be sensitive (again, this is a normal side effect, so don't be alarmed!). A great toothpaste to use to help is Sensodyne Pro-Enamel. This can help with that discomfort you may feel when brushing.

6. Ask your UltraWhite Technician for information on the Minerals Enamel Booster. This is a great tool to help with sensitivity as it rehydrates, replenishes, and re-strengthens your enamel. Did you know this can also be applied leading up to your next treatment?

Great! You've read our tips and tricks to ensure the day before, the day of, and the day after go smoothly. Click here to book your treatment, and let's get you smiling! What are you waiting for?


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