Saskatoon Specials

Save up to 54% with our Full Treatment Packages

When you purchase a Full 60 Minute Treatment for $219

You have the option to:

Purchase your next 60 Minute Treatment TODAY

for only $80

*NO expiry date yon your next treatment! Must be purchased along with a Full 60 Minute Treatment for regular price of $219 plus tax. Cannot be combined with any other offer

Get 2 Whitenings for the price of one!

2 x 60 Minute Treatment

@ $219

6+ people book the boutique for their own private whitening party. Minimum 6 people.

60 Minute Treatment

@ $149 each

Corporate businesses that register with UltraWhite Clinic allow their Employees to receive a discounted offer.

Employee Benefits Include:

20% off Full 60 Minute Whitening Session​ 

(regular $219 - registered business $175 (unlimited))

Priority Appointments

(Convenient early mornings or evening appointments available)

Includes one COMPLIMENTARY session to gift to a friend

(appointment MUST be booked at same time as employee)